A bit about me…

I am a social media enthusiast, world traveler, country music lover, and proud Air Force sister (to name a few). Growing up in Colorado, I’ve had a healthy dose of both the city and country life, and honestly can’t decide which I enjoy more – the hustle and bustle of the city, or the serenity of open fields and dirt roads. Either way I couldn’t live without internet or my smart phone, even if I enjoy the occasional lost signal. I’m admittedly a Type A personality, and pride myself in being organized and over-prepared for just about anything. When I’m not checking Facebook, writing my latest blog, clocking in at my 9 to 5, or managing my friends’ country band, I love to read, watch a movie, or take a shopping trip. I’m also a firm believer in the little joys of life – like dessert, fashion magazines, or a good glass of wine!

Why did I create this site?

I originally created this site as my senior honors thesis while studying business and marketing at Colorado State University. I was sensitive to the fact that social media wasn’t taught as a part of the marketing curriculum, and set out to create a place where students could learn the basics of social media, whether it was to create their own online persona or promote a business through social media. However, after I graduated (yipee!), I realized that it’s not just your average marketing student who is in need of a good social media education – in fact, just about all of us could learn a thing or two. Social media and online marketing are ever evolving, and in order to stay on top of current trends, platforms, strategies, campaigns (the list could go on), we need resources to help us. SocialMediaForStudents.com aims to be such a resource.

Although I cannot claim to know everything there is to know about social media, I hope to share my growing wisdom with others through SocialMediaForStudents.com.  As social media becomes more and more influential as a marketing and recruiting tool, it is more important than ever that students, new grads, young professionals, executives, CEOs, etc., etc. understand how social media can benefit themselves or their business.

NAFSA for GoAbroad.comHow did I get into social media?

While studying at Colorado State University, I was tasked with creating a marketing plan for myself that outlined my future and how I would get there. As fate would have it, I planned my career around social media, seeing it as an intriguing niche in the marketing field, and it stuck. I started creating websites and social media presences for my friends’ businesses, and ended up a social media intern for GoAbroad.com my junior year. I assisted in community management for GoAbroad, and helped conceive GoMedia, a social media management and online marketing consulting service for international education organizations. From there I became a community manager for GoMedia, overseeing several client accounts, and ultimately became GoMedia Director in which I oversee all of GoAbroad’s online marketing services — the position that I am currently in today. I still have a very active role in GoMedia’s day to day operations, and continue to manage client accounts, train and oversee other community managers, and consult on social media for various businesses.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Kayla! This is an awesome site and you sound like you have an amazing job – we have very similar interests haha – Social Media and Travel are my passions 🙂
    Keep on rocking 🙂

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